b'GEARIN ISSUE 2THE DAF GENUINE PARTS UPDATEIT PAYS TO STAY GENUINE!Keeping your DAF trucks genuine when servicing or making repairs is the preferred choice for many reasons; for example to maintain yourtruck warranty and protectthe residual value of the truck.In this issue we include 3 examples where staying genuine also saves fuel and delivers greater efficiency and therefore produces savingsover the life of each part!Talk to us today about these and other parts requirements for your fleetwere here to support our customers in delivering maximum NO ONEuptime from their trucks.BEATSDAF GENUINE BODY PANELSSEE WHY ON PAGE 2 IN THIS ISSUE Fuel saving low friction hub P2 Exchange starters and alternators P4Keeping it clean with NOx sensors & DPF kit P3 X-Tend clutchesthe clue is in the name P4The right lubricants for your DAF P3 Merchandise for DAF fans! P4A PACCAR COMPANYDRIVEN BY QUALITY'